ICOH 2017 -

Topics of Scientific Sessions

  • An update of the epidemiologic evidence linking CVD and work exposures.
  • The changing nature of work and cardiovascular risks in different countries.
  • Recent trends in work organization and their impact on cardiovascular diseases.
  • Safe return-to-work after cardiovascular events
  • Measuring psychological and social working conditions in a continuously changing framework
  • Psychological, social, organizational, physical and chemical factors of CVD at work
  • Benefits and risks of occupational and leisure time physical activity
  • New occupational and environmental risk factors
  • Socio-economic and occupational inequalities in cardiovascular health
  • Stroke and work exposures
  • Alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace: prevention, detection, and treatment
  • Blood pressure and work: new findings and evidence of effective interventions
  • Metabolic syndrome, diabetes mellitus and work exposures
  • Worksite interventions to prevent CVD risk factors
  • Work organization redesign and its effects on health
  • Indoor and outdoor air pollution affecting the cardiovascular system.
  • How to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice?
  • Women, work and cardiovascular diseases
  • Syncope and work: new guidelines in clinical practice
  • Heart rate variability and other biomarkers of early effects of work exposures on the cardiovascular system
  • Work, obesity, and productivity
  • Benefits and risks of occupational and leisure time physical activity
  • Shift work and long working hours and CVD