ICOH 2017 -

Social programme

The Conference will begin with a welcome party and a Concert on May3rd(from 18:00 to 21:30) at:
Salone Estense, Town Hall
Via Luigi Sacco,3 - 21100 Varese

A Gala Dinner is scheduled for thursday evening, May 4th (from 19:30) at:
Villa Panza
Piazza Litta, 1 – 21100 Varese

Reservation required

Logistical Information


Salone Estense, Town Hall
Via Luigi Sacco, 3 - 21100 Varese
From the congress venue to Salone Estense: 4km
-15 mins bycar/ taxi
-20 mins by bus “E”, stop “Borri159(Rossi)” 10 stops to Avigno (viaOriani), bus stop “Sacco(Robbioni)”


Villa Panza
Piazza Litta,1 - 21100 Varese
From the congress venue to Villa Panza: 7km
- 20 mins by car/ taxi
- 35 mins by bus“E”, stop “Borri 159 (Rossi)” 8 stops to Avigno (viaOriani), bus stop “Vittorio Veneto” and 15 mins walking distance to Villa Panza.
*by invitation and reserved pre-paid ticket only; Please bring your voucher to the Registration Desk

Built in the late 18th century at the behest of Marquis Paolo Antonio Menafoglio, surrounded by splendid gardens measuring 33,000 square metres, and looking out across the city of Varese from the hill of Biumo Superiore, Villa Panza & the Panza Collection together constitute a 'villa of delight', conceived not as a residence for the owner but as a venue for receptions and society events.
Attendees and accompanying persons will be offered an exciting and stimulating social program. Other visits can be organized upon request; the program will be published in the second announcement.

Varese, at the base of the Alpine Foothills, is a Province marked by water, valleys and castles: it is an exemplar of harmony between man and nature. The history of local human settlement has not threatened the landscape; if ever, it has worked to enrich it.
Seen from above, the terrain is a palette of colors - a patchwork of mountains, valleys, woods and rivers. Approximately ten lakes of glacial origins make up Varese's environs: they include Lake Varese, Lake Maggiore, Lake Ceresio and Lake Verbano, fed by a myriad of rivers and streams, such as the Olona and Ticino.
Mountains dominate the north, giving way to hills and valleys and, eventually, flatland in the south. The landscape is embellished with beautiful villas and lovely gardens in the Italian and British styles, as well as parks, bell towers and sheltered villages.
The valleys are traversed by ancient trails and pathways that should be discovered unhurried, on foot, horseback or by bike, especially in spring and autumn.

Corso Matteotti is regarded as Varese's «drawing room», with its elegant buildings and a delightful pedestrian quarter filled with city center shops. The Basilica of San Vittore is also worth a visit, with its famous bell tower and Baptistery of St. John.

The garden city of Varese features an urban plan all its own, due to the fact that, unlike other Lombard cities, its heart is not a collection of connected centers, but a series of castles that gradually sprang up around it. The green of vegetation fills in the space between them, while from the 18th Century onwards, beautiful villas and gardens were developed, and today they are still one of the city's greatest attractions. Among these is the marvelous Villa Menafoglio Litta Panza in Biumo, part of the Italian Environment Fund (FAI); the Villa hosts a collection of contemporary, African and Pre-Colombian artworks. Nearby are Villa Ponti, with its park and small lake created by a natural spring; Palazzo Estense, boasting one of the most beautiful 18th-Century gardens in Lombardy; Castello Castiglioni Mantezza in Masnago and the Tower of Velate.

The promenade favored by natives of Varese is that which leads to the Sacro Monte, located a few miles north. Along its slopes is a Via Sacra (sacred road) that passes 14 chapels and ends at the hilltop Sanctuary, where the hamlet of Santa Maria del Monte is located.
In Bisuschio, the Villa Cicogna Mozzoni, built in the 15th Century, boasts an enormous 19th-Century park, while another FAI property, the Villa della Porta Bozzolo, lies in Casulzo. Then, those taken by castles will appreciate the Rocca Borromeo in Angera - overlooking a wide stretch of Lake Maggiore - and the Castelli Viscontei in Cislago, Fagnano and Induno Olona, all privately-owned. Still, visits can be made to the Visconti Castle in San Vito a Somma Lombardo (open weekends April to September, upon guided tour).

MORE INFO HERE: http://www.vareselandoftourism.com/english