ICOH 2017 -

CONTINUING MEDICAL EDUCATION (ECM only for Italian participants)

The event (4-5 of May) will be accredited by the Italian Ministry of Health by Biomedia Provider No 148

The event addresses to the disciplines of : Psychotherapy, Psychology, Cardiology, Occupational Physician and Occupational Safety, Biochemistry, Legal Medicine, Hygiene, Epidemiology and NationalHealth.

Professional Category: Biologist, Psychologist, Physician, Job environment prevention technician.

In order to obtain credits,participants must attend the full educational programme (90%of the accredited meeting 4-5 May 2017) and pass the final Learning test available online on the Platform ''MyLogin'' http://prt.biomedia.net/

Provider: Biomedia
Id:148 - nr.192650
Nr.credits: 8,4